5 Rajnikanth Movies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Watch

Rajinikanth aka Thalaivar, is widely considered the biggest superstar of India. Thalaivar’s life itself is a great inspiration to anyone who wants to start up; an extraordinary rags-to-riches story. There are numerous Rajnikanth one liners from his films which have inspired a whole generation of people.
Brand Rajini is 41 years old and he is the only actor with his own theme music, he has built this brand out of sheer determination and hard work. Entrepreneurs who seek to transform their mere products into timeless brands have a lot to learn from him.
Here are 5 of his films and sequences which are definitely going to have an impact on you and give you the much needed motivation.

‘Fear Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will.’


Muthu-Rajni The opening song in the movie has these lines “ kaiyil konjam kasu irunthal nee than atharku ejamanan kazhuthu varaikum kasu irunthal athuthan unaku ejamanan (if you have a little money in your hands you are its boss, if you have money till your neck, it will be your boss)"

Like this all of Rajnikanth films have message which people from all walks of life can relate to.
This one stresses on focussing on the business than the money as you might lose your plot.

This movie transcended Rajni beyond boundaries and had a far reaching impact on the people of Japan as this film became hugely popular there.


Money and fame should chase us and we should not chase them.

Rajni in the movie says that money and fame should chase us and we should not chase them. Similarly, venture capitalists and investors should come behind the entrepreneur.

Padayappa is sure to bring in a lot of positive energy in you.


You have a challenge of spending Rs.30 Crore in 30 days and take away 3000 Crore fulfilling a few rules or take away just Rs.30 Crore. What will you do ?
30 crores in 30 days

You can easily draw parallels to the startup world , cash burn and cut throat competition with this film.


If you want to make a strong comeback after every fall you have to watch Sivaji , Rajni falls several times throughout the film and makes a comeback through determination.

And there is this epic Thalaivar line ' Sagara naal therinja vaazhara naal naragamaayidum'
“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” - Mark Twain


There is a particular scene where Rajni challenges Sarath Babu if you are down just watch that scene.
Revenge is the purest emotion in Rajni style

Thalaivar says this line 'Naa solradha seivaen. Solladhadhayum seyvaen' which can be interpreted as if you do as you are told, you are a mere postman. It's the value you add to a task that makes you successful. No one remembers the guy who equaled the record. They all remember the one who beat it.

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