10 Tamil Movies Which Make More Sense When You Are High

When we launched Flixtub we came up with the post 17 Tamil Movies to watch while you are stoned this post is an extension of it.

Some of the films listed below work well on their own , whereas a few of them work very well when you are high and able to view it on a different perspective, getting closer to the director's vision.

Dedicated to the stoner Tamil film community.

10.Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum

After the hugely successful black comedy Soodhu Kaavum , Nalan made this one of its kind Tamil rom-com which quite well didn't go well with the audience as they expected a Soodhu Kaavum 2 .
This can be termed as the most refreshing film to have come out of the Tamil Film Industry.
The sarakku scene where Vijay Sethupathi and Madonna Sebastian get drunk reshapes the hero-heroine equation scene in our films. This will work as a perfect film when you are not too high, but high.
A Still from Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum


S.J.Suryah is a highly underrated actor , the recent Iraivi is one such proof and in a way he kind of always looks stoned. Sathyaraj is at his wicked best in this film.This is an audacious film by SJ Suryah which works well as a psychological thriller.

The psycholigical battle


Attakathi is Pa.Ranjith's debut film , like Kabali and Madras this film too has a lot of sub texts which most people don't get at the first normal watch.This is one charming little treat of a film, as it has an inherent sweetness and honesty that will stay with you.

The Road Side Romeo


Iraivi is actually Karthik Subbaraj's best movie though it didn't work well with the audience ;the greatest thing about this movie is that it makes you fight within yourself to decide if it's a good or bad film.And with every watch the movie only gets better.
A few good woMEN

6.Kattradhu Thamizh

This hard hitting film is sure to lead you through a lot of moral debates once you are done watching it. Though the film came in 2007 most of the issues the film raised are still relevant.

A man who slowly loses his mental balance and becomes a psychopath.


Virumaandi raises a very important question the validity of capital punishment.The film is an audio visual treat ,and Kamal Hassan's directorial brilliance can be seen through this film. Virumaandi could very well be the simplest form of the Rashomon effect.

Most significant Indian film


Uriyadi is a hard hitting film with brutal violence and substance abuse.The film has one of the best choreographed action scenes , we see the chaos and able to feel the punches.

A hard hitting political film

3.Jil Jung Juk

This quirky film is actually a perfect stoner film set in its own universe.The film has a very unique look unlike any other Tamil film and one important aspect is that it dispenses away with a needless heroine.Gauranteed stoner moments !

A Quirky Stoner Film

2.Mayakkam Enna

As we had already mentioned in our previous post Selvaraghavan is your director when you are high ! He is known to make very intense and personal films. This film is quite complex as it deals with love , friendship , dreams and redemption.

Love , friendship , dreams and redemption.


Mani Ratnam's best film and this directly implies that its one gem of a film. The film is based on the relationship of cinema and politics in Tamil Nadu which has never been dealt with so much craftsmanship. This film just gets better with every viewing.

The duo

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