10 New Generation Malayalam Films That Are Worth Your Time

Malayalam Cinema is currently in its most exciting phase , we have a whole new generation of film makers who understand the changing tastes of audience and are making films that have a far reaching impact . The 10 films that deserve your watch are as follows.

1. Drishyam [2013]

Drishyam can be termed as a master class in filmmaking , this family drama is a tale of how far a man is willing to go to protect his family. Drishyam created waves at the box office and won unanimous critical acclaim and is currently being remade in several languages. This deeply layered film is an edge of seat thriller , is a kind of cinema that is only seen in Iranian films. This is a world class film which deserves multiple watches.

2.Bangalore Days [2014]

This 172 minutes long film deserves every bit of your attention , it shows how the middle class are coping up with change in this modern globalised world. This beautiful tale of three cousins deeply resonates with every member of the audience as one would be able to relate with the film at some point or the other. This is a refreshing cinema which we have been waiting to witness.

3. Ustaad Hotel [2012 ]

The film is inspired by the true life of Narayan Krishnan, the founder of Akshaya Trust.

The film is about a young man Fayzee who dreams to become a top chef and the odds that he faces in his quest to do so. The film has food as an essential plot, and you can feel the flavour of the Kerala biriyani and spices throughout the film. This is a film which attracts you through its sincerity in narration and it portrays the happiness good food can give you. It is poetry on celluloid.

4.Premam [2015]

Premam is a nostalgic trip down the memory lane , it is a celebration of love on celluloid. The film narrates the various phases of a man's life - first crush, first love, the agony of separation and finding the love of life, which everyone would be able to connect in some way or the other. It is love all the way and most importantly it is entertaining.

5. North 24 Kaatham [2013]

This film about the journey of four people stranded on a hartal day in Kerala and how a young man with a personal disorder undergoes transformation. There are some stunning performances from the lead cast which make this an enjoyable and thought provoking film.

6. Mumbai Police [2013]

This is a crime-thriller which revolves around a cop who loses his memory in an accident , the film had one of the most shocking and bold climax in Indian Cinema. This is one of the rare films were homo sexuality was treated in a fair manner on celluloid. This is film is definitely worth your time.

7. Thattathin Marayathu [2012]

This Hindu-Muslim love story is a refreshing film for all its treatment and screenplay. This musical love story tries to avoid all the clichés and provides us with some soulful entertainment.

8.1983 [2014]

This film is a tribute to the cricket obsesses India and one of its iconic cricket player .This nostalgic film with its rustic settings demands our attention for all its simplicity and the cheerfulness it brings to us. This is the story of billion peoples obsession.

9. Neelakasham Pachakkadal Chuvanna Bhoomi [2013]

This road movie deserves your patience to appreciate it fully , has been made with a lot of passion and grit. This is a visually arresting film that takes us across India , a rare kind of cinema.This is a feel good film that makes you smile and get inspired.

10.How Old Are You? [2014]

“Who puts the expiry date on a woman’s dream?” This is film which every woman and her family must watch , an inspiring tale of a married women reaching the pinnacle of glory .This film not only works in Indian context but is quite relevant in a global perspective , the film talks a lot about women empowerment and the need of everyone to pursue their dream and passion.

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