5 Reasons Why It Is Impossible To Miss Out Kaaka Muttai

M. Manikandan’s debut feature Kaaka Muttai (The Crow’s Egg) is a tale of two small slum children on their pursuit for pizza . The beauty of this film lies in its simplicity .

1. A Rooted film

The film is thoroughly rooted into the slums of Chennai and is the reflection of the lives of people living in it. The more ethnic a film, the more international its appeal. The film has already made its rounds in the international festival circuits and won critical acclaim. The film is not just made for the festivals , it is for the people .Though it doesn't follow the generic pattern in movie making it has beautiful moments to keep us entertained.

2. The Kids

Known only as ‘Periya Kaaka Muttai’ (Ramesh) and ‘Chinna Kaaka Muttai’ (Ramesh Thilaganathan) this two little kids give a livewire performance. They make the film work big time , handpicked from real slums they are natural. We fall in love with their little mischief's.

3.The Multiple Layers

Though Kaaka Muttai is centred around the two kids , it is a film for the adults which clearly portrays the social divide and capitalism. The film has something for everyone to take home with its multiple layers. At times it comes across as a children's film and at times a social drama.

4.The Take on Media and Globalisation

The Kids are watching us is a take home message for media , after having a glimpse of their favourite star on TV they start aping him. The irresponsibility with which media reports news is shown in a brutally honest way . The film leaves room for a lot of discussion on right and wrong .Our helplessness as a society is also quite easily visible.

5. The Dark Honesty

The film is a reflection of our society it beautifully depicts the vastly present class differences and how few greedy individuals try to milk the system . The bittersweet ending adds to the honesty of the film.

The film has won the National Award already and a good run at the theatres will only help us in being able to watch more such quality films.

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