Just ‘Kidding’ - The 7 Best Iranian films on Children

Iranian Films are widely celebrated throughout the world. Iran is hailed as one of the greatest nations with respect to cinematic history. The rich and diverse cinema of Iran has been in existence since the 1930s amidst oppressive regimes, in the face of exile and all the resultant censorship. It is truly remarkable that they were able to achieve so much in the world cinema despite all these limitations imposed on them.

We take a look at the 7 best children’s film from Iran, involving diverse topics from kids trying to find their way home, tales of friendship and of lost notebooks and shoes.

Interestingly all the below films were made during period of 1985-2000.

1. Children of Heaven (1997)

This simplistic film by acclaimed filmmaker Majid Majidi marked the peak of Iranian Cinema worldwide as this was their first film to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The film emphasizes on friendship and kinship as it deals with a brother and sister and their adventures over a lost pair of shoes. This film with all its innocence is perfect for children.

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2. Where Is the Friend’s Home (1987)

“When Satyajit Ray passed on, I was very depressed. But after seeing Kiarostami’s films, I thanked God for giving us just the right person to take his place.” -Akira Kurosawa

Abbas Kiarostamis’ ‘Where Is the Friend’s Home’ is the first film in his Koker Trilogy. It tells a simple story of a boy’s quest to return the notebook of his friend in the neighbouring village. This compelling film told from the viewpoint of a child, is poetically evocative.

3. The Colour of Paradise (1999)

This visually stunning and emotionally wrenching film by Majid Majidi has something which you could call ‘sophisticated-simplicity’. It tells a not-so-simple story of faith and unconditional love and the sadness that comes to one who falls short of both. This was once again a popular choice for the Academy Awards in 2000.

4. Bashu, the Little Stranger (1989)

Bahram Beizai’s ‘Bashu, the Little Stranger’ deals with the cultural differences prevalent in Iran in a soulful manner. This is considered as one of the best films ever made in Iran. The film takes us deep inside the rural parts of Iran. With very little dialogue, the story moves in a mystical way.

5. The Runner (1984)

Amir Nazedi’s Runner is about the triumph of the human spirit in face of adversity. This film is claimed by many to have set the artistic tone for the future of Iranian Cinema, and this was the first post-revolution Iranian film to attract a worldwide audience. This is an optimistic film that has the ability to connect with all.


6. The Mirror (1998)

This Jafar Panahi film is about a little girl trying to find her way home from school. This film showcases how reality and imagination are intertwined and are very similar. This is a film which portrays the art aspect of film-making vividly.

7. The White Balloon (1995)

Jafar Panahi’s White Balloon explores childhood in its own terms with all the simplicity intact. The film once again proved that simple is beautiful, and is the most powerful way to communicate. This movie makes for a memorable watch.


The beauty of all the above films lies in their simplicity.

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