Mum's the word! - 5 Tamil Movie moms who stood out from the crowd

We join the world in celebrating Mothers' Day with our pick of five on-screen moms who stood out for their freshness and character.

1. Urvashi in 'Thamizhukku En 1-ai Azhuthavum'

She knows what a spectrum analyser does, better than any tech grad. She can tell off the CEO of a multinational telecom firm for his lack of technical knowledge. All of this learnt just by conversing with her tech-genius, college drop-out son.

2. Nadiya in 'M.Kumaran s/o Mahalakshmi'

She's her son's best friend. He even calls her by her name. She's the inspirational single mom, and in his eyes (despite having a superstar boxing legend for a father), she is the greatest fighter in the world.

3. Saranya Ponvannan in 'Velaiyilla Pattadhaari'

She is the only person who's proud of her son for being jobless because he wanted to do justice to what he studied. She shapes her son's life in both life and death. She's the understated champion in his 'VIP' life.

4. Simran in 'Kannathil Muthamittaal'

She is not the biological mother, but is everything else a mom should be. She is progressive and open-minded. She possibly gets the greatest recognition possible when the true mother of the kid says 'Pullaya nalla valathurukeenga'.

5. Lakshmi in 'Padayappa'

Her steadfastness in her beliefs makes her a strong personality. The strongest of her beliefs is her belief in her son. She says 'Seekram mudichitu vaa' as goons round up her son. She epitomises the fact that for any mother and child, there can never be bigger heroes beyond each other.

Happy Mother's Day!

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