10 best Indian Films on Food- Literally a ‘treat’ to watch

Two things that can make us instantly happy are good food and good cinema.

The co-existence of cinema and food is evident from the fact that the first thing we remember when we think about cinema is pop-corn. We look at the 10 best Indian films that have food as the major theme.

1. Ustaad Hotel (2012 Malayalam)

The film is inspired by the true life of Narayan Krishnan, the founder of Akshaya Trust.

The film is about a young man Fayzee who dreams to become a top chef and the odds that he faces in his quest to do so. The film has food as an essential plot, and you can feel the flavour of the Kerala biriyani and spices throughout the film. This is a film which attracts you through its sincerity in narration and it portrays the happiness good food can give you. It is poetry on celluloid.

USTAD-HOTEL-A-Kerala-biryani-food-film.jpgAshani Sanket

Image Source -Appmaza

2. Ashani Sanket (1973 Bengali)

This film by one of the greatest filmmakers the world has ever seen, Satyajit Ray, creates the impact of an epic without trying to do so .Set in the backdrop of a ‘manmade’ famine which wiped out 5 million people during 1943, the movie is about a Brahmin man Gangacharan who manages to survive for a while by exchanging his teaching services for food. This is a very humane film which shows the plight of people who cannot even afford food.

Ashani Sanket Image Source -Wikipedia

3. The Lunchbox (2013 Hindi)

This is a film about two lonely hearts that connect across a city of 20 million people through a series of lunch box notes. A lonely wife Ila tries to add spice to her marriage by cooking special food for her neglectful husband and this is mistakenly delivered to another office worker Saajan. The food connects hearts in this film.
The Lunchbox Image Source -Freepress

4.Cheeni Kum (2007 Hindi)

Starring the legendary Amitabh Bachchan as an egocentric chef who falls in love with a much younger woman, this is an enjoyable film with sarcastic and emotional moments. There is a brilliant sequence about the recipe for the perfect Biriyani, which is absolute magic on screen. The film doesn't lack in sweetness as the title suggests (Cheeni Kum - lacking in sweetness).
Cheeni Kum Image Source -Apunkachoice

5. Stanley Ka Dabba (2011 Hindi)

This film is about lunchtime during school, featuring a teacher who spends a whole lot of his class time in discussing what his students have brought for lunch .This is a very simple heart warming story which reminds us of our school days.
Stanley Ka Dabba Image Source -Carvenus

6. Salt N' Pepper (2011 Malayalam)

Two people with food and cooking as a common interest fall in love through an unexpected telephonic conversation. The film makes multiple references to the Kerala cuisine and there is an entire song featuring the famous eateries of Kerala. The relationship between the lead characters blossoms over the secrets of baking a multi-layered cake known as Joan's Rainbow. This is an essential watch for foodies.
Salt-n-peppe-malayalam-foddie-film Image Source - Ashblogz

7. Nala Damayanti (2003 Tamil)

This is a feel good film about a chef Ramji from interior Palakkad who travels to Australia in order to cook for a multinational firm. Things don't go well for Ramji and the only thing that comes to his rescue is his culinary skill. Written by the iconic Kamal Hassan, this is a laugh riot.

The film was later remade in Hindi as Ramji Londonwaley in 2005. Image Source- Youtube

8. Barwachi (1972 Hindi)

Barwachi, starring Rajesh Khanna as a chef with extra-ordinary culinary skills who can chop vegetables with eye-popping speed, stir two pots at the same time and share kitchen tips that amaze you from time to time, is rich in Indian family values and makes for a delightful watch.

Barwachi-Rajesh-Khanna Image Source- Cinemachhat

9. Saivam (2014 Tamil)

Saivam means Vegetarianism in Tamil .The film is about a little girl and her rooster which goes missing just before it is to be sacrificed to a deity. Though it seems to be about Vegetarianism on the surface level, the film touches upon many superstitions and sacrifices. Saivam is a food for thought film with vegetarianism as its underlying subject.
Image Source - Moviecus

10. Sala Budha (2012 Oriya)

This film set in the pre-Independence period captures the quintessential elements of a rural landscape and is about an elderly Village head who wins the heart of his king through his golden recipes. It showcases the values of the rural community and gives a subtle message for this present fast paced world.
Salaa-Budha Image Source - Enews

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