7 Tamil Films That Explore Relationships in a Better Way

In the 75 years of Tamil cinema the storyline of most films is something similar to this template:

Hero + Heroine + Fall in love + Lived happily ever after/Don’t know what happened to them after

There are few movies in which throughout the movie the hero is shown with an irresponsible attitude and as someone who considers wooing the heroine as his primary duty. Singing soup songs are another genre of films (Ironically, love failure songs are outnumbering the actual love failures). When it comes to relationships in real life, they have much more to it than this ‘Template relationship’.A wide range of factors come into play in a successful relationship. It is agreed that such purely entertainment oriented movies are also essential but when we see cinema as a medium showcasing realism, we thought it would be worth mentioning few Tamil movies that paint a realistic picture of romance/relationships in the viewers’ minds.

1.Iru Malargal (1967)

This 1967 Tamil romantic drama has Sivaji Ganesan as the protagonist. Sivaji and Padmini are deeply in love. But a sudden turn of events results in him presuming that their relationship cannot materialize and hence he ends up marrying his cousin, K.R.Vijaya. Years later when Padmini comes back into his life, he learns that she is unmarried. He is now held up between his former love and devout wife. The depth in content of the movie makes it remarkable even after decades.
Iru Malargal Source -Youtube

2.Avargal (1977)

Written and directed by K. Balachandar the film has Sujatha, Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan and Ravikumar in lead roles. The film having Sujatha as the protagonist, evidently brings out the turmoil in her mind as she is ensnarled between her divorcee husband and the man she had once fallen in love with. The movie beautifully brings out the quagmire.
Avargal Source - The Hindu

3.Mudhal Mariyadhai (1985)

This movie directed by Bharathiraja has an intense storyline and is said to have been a comeback film for Sivaji Ganesan. The film deals with the unsuccessful marriage of Sivaji and his shrewd and ever-whining wife (Vadivukarasi). This makes him seek solace in the friendship of the village boatman’s daughter. The platonic relationship was depicted in a subtle manner.
Mudhal Mariyadhai Source -Indiaglitz

4.Mouna Ragam (1986)

Mouna Ragam written and directed by Mani Ratnam, has Mohan, Revathy and Karthik in the cast. The film deals with the not so frequently touched topic of second love. Revathy, whose beau had died, is unable to accept her arranged marriage and the relationship as a result of it. How her staunch refusal transcends into an everlasting love for him forms the rest of the story. Parting ways with clichéd love stories, Mouna Ragam explores the concept of life after arranged marriage in an admirable manner.
Mouna Ragam Source -Wikipedia

5.Alaipayuthey (2000)

This Tamil romantic drama yet again by Mani Ratnam, is cherished by many. The plot revolves around how Karthik (Madhavan) and Shakti (Shalini) fall in love and the challenges they face in the aftermath of their marriage. It is notable for its genuine portrayal of married life and romance. The tensions of married life are depicted vividly. The movie traverses back and forth picturesquely depicting various emotions.

6.7G Rainbow Colony (2004)

The movie directed by Selvaraghavan, has Ravi Krishna and Sonia Agarwal in the main roles. The hero is depicted as a loafer and is looked down by his father. Sonia Agarwal, the girl next door, plays an instrumental role in exalting him to a respectable position by making him believe in himself. The film may have few drawbacks but is noted for its realistic portrayal of the characters.
7G Rainbow Colony Source-Koodal

7.Autograph (2004)

Cheran has directed and also played the role of the protagonist in this film. Senthil(Cheran)is going about inviting everyone for his marriage.In the process he reminisces the various relationships in his life. It beautifully shows the various relationships in his life and how they don’t materialize due to various factors. This sensible creation connected well with the audience. The film puts forth a very strong and essential point-‘ Life must move on’!
Autograph Source - 5eli

There may be many more movies on similar lines but we have tried to mention those that were noteworthy in their plot and way of presenting.

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