9 Must Watch Kannada Films Other Than Lucia

Lucia the 2013 psychological thriller was critically acclaimed and notable for its crowd funding technique. The film marked by the theme 'Your small Life is someone's Big Dream' had a quite complex plot line and is one of the most creative films to have come up from Indian Cinema as a whole. This film made everyone look towards Kannada Cinema.

This is a list of must watch Kannada films. Though most of the films listed here are commercially successful, they do have an artistic value.

1.Bangaarada Manushya (1972)

Rajkumar is considered as the cultural icon of Kannada Cinema. ‘Bangarada Manushya’ (The Golden Man) a classic film ,has an everlasting impact on the audience. This movie, in which the iconic actor played a farmer, was directed by Siddalingaiah. The film is acclaimed for conveying high social values and inspires the youth in taking up agriculture as a career.

Such is the impact of the movie,that even Rajnikanth is said to have wanted to act in the remake of this classic (after Lingaa)!

Bangaarada Manushya Source -Youtube

2.Maanasa Sarovara (1982)

Not mentioning Puttanna Kanagal( a legendary Kannada film director) and his movies when referring to best of Kannada cinema would be no less than a sin.The man, whose movies have been inspirational to a generation of Kannada filmmakers.This movie is said to be inspired by the tragedy in the life of this legendary filmmaker. Maanasa Sarovara starring Srinath beautifully depicts relationships and turmoil's created by them in the human mind.
Maanasa Sarovara Source -Youtube


Shankar Nag won millions of fans with his charm inhis short life span. He is widely acclaimed for his experimental movies and talent, both as an actor and director. This film of Shankar Nag directed by P Nanjundappa was the most inspirational Kannada film and a multitude of films have been made in Kannada inspired by this classic.
Sangliyana is said to be based on the real life story of cop-turned politician SP Sangliyana. This film was followed by two sequels. The sudden death of Shankar Nag resulted in actor Devaraj donning the greasepaint in the third installment.
Source -Youtube

4.Mutthina Haara (1990)

This war-drama directed by Rajendra Singh Babu featured Vishnuvardhan and Suhasini Maniratnam in lead roles. The movie depicted the hardships in the life of a soldier and the turmoil faced by his family. The movie displayed the versatility of Vishnuvardhan. This metaphorical war drama holds an important place in Indian cinema.
Mutthina Haara Source -Youtube

5.America America (1995)

This National Award winning film ,a romantic drama showcased cultural differences between India and America on a lighter note. The movie is considered a milestone in actor Ramesh Arvind’s career.
America America Source -Youtube

6.Janumada Jodi (1996)

This revolutionary love story set on a rural backdrop was directed by acclaimed director T S Naghabharana. It deals with the widely prevalent social stigma of the caste system. The movie made Shivarajkumar a formidable star. This film is both commercially and critically acclaimed.

Janumada Jodi Source -Youtube

7.A (1998)

Known for his reverse screenplays, Upendra is one of the best commercial director in Indian cinema. 'A' is a psychological love story with a non-linear screenplay. After his successful ventures as a director, Upendra debuted as an actor in this film.
A movie Source -Youtube

8.Sparsha (2000)

Sunil Kumar Desai well known for making thrillers, made this acclaimed romantic-thriller. This is the debut film of the now famous Actor Sudeep. The line ‘Guilty should be punished’ from the film ,eventually became a popular punch line.
Sudeep Saprsha debut film Source -Youtube

9.Mungaru Male (2006)

Mungaru Male by Yograj Bhatt is one of the biggest commercially successful film in Kannada Cinema.This tragic love story with some well scripted lines supplemented by exquisite cinematography is a must watch.
Mungaru Male Source- IBNlive

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