7 Films that prove that Rajnikanth is the most underrated actor !

A Tribute to a Phenomenon called Rajnikanth.

7) Johnny

This landmark film of the legendary combination of Rajnikanth and Mahendran, saw Rajnikanth portraying dual roles. The film is about two unrelated doppelgangers and how their lives affect each other. The two roles having different attitudes and perspectives are brought out well through Rajni's intense acting.
Johnny is a visual beauty and an all-time classic.

“Indha ulagathu la edha eduthukutaalum Onna vida onnu better aagadaan irukkum.Adhukku oru mudive kidaiyaadhu” Jhonny-Rajnikanth Image Source -Rajnifans

6) Avargal

This progressive and radical film in the seventies has Rajnikanth playing the antagonist, and he gives a staggering performance personating a sadist and misogynist husband. He stamps his presence in the minimal time he comes on the screen. This film, way ahead of its times wasn't a commercial success.

“Unakku daan theriyume enakku kaakaa kadi pidikkaadhu “ avargal-sujatha-and-rajinikanth Image Source -Madaboutmoviez

5) Thalapathy

Directed by Mani Ratnam, the film is loosely based on the friendship between Karna and Duryodhana ,two prominent characters in the Indian epic Mahabharata. The film has Rajni playing a serious role alongside Mammoty. The film is a perfect blend of Mani Ratnam’s intellect and Rajni’s charisma.
This film which exposes the highly skilled actor had two endings,the character played by him survives in the Tamil version but dies in the Malayalam version.

Mammooty : Yen??

Rajni: Yenaa nee en nanban da!! Thalapathy-Rajnikanth-Mammooty-epic-scene Image Source-The Hindu

4) Aarilirunthu Arubathu Varai

Aarilirunthu Arubathu Varai directed by S.P.Muthuraman, who moulded Rajni's career, has Rajni playing a melodramatic role of an altruistic elder brother. The film has Rajni delivering one of his finest performances, exhibiting a stark deviation from his usual commercial roles and proves his doubters wrong.
This is a must watch for people who view the star only as a style icon.

“Thanneer oda niram onnu daan aana adhu vizhara nilaththa poruththu adikkadi niram maarum” Aarilirunthu Arubathu Varai Image Source-Imovies4you

3) Mullum Malarum

Mullum Malarum marked the debut of J.Mahendran ,an underrated director himself and one of the role models of Mani Ratnam.Mullum Malarum shattered the rules of commercial cinema and gave a more subtle and genuine version of a brother – sister relationship.Ironically,the producer was initially reluctant to cast Rajni in the lead role because he was previously seen in villainous roles.However, the stubbornness of Mahendran thrived and Rajni delivered a flawless performance both as an over-protective brother and as a belligerent disabled man .To proclaim Mullum Malarum to be one of Rajni’s career best performances would be an understatement.The song “Raaman Aandalum” has been an all-time favorite.
A must watch for those who want to see the ‘Actor’ Rajnikanth.

“Rendu Kaiyum Rendu kaalum ponakooda Kaalingravan pozhachukkuvaan sir.Ketta payyan sir avan.” Mullum Malarum Image Sorce-5eli

2) Thillu Mullu

One of the most entertaining movies of Rajnikanth. The movie saw Rajni coming out of his comfort zone. And he proved that he is indeed a master of all genres as this tryst with comedy went down in history, entertaining generations after generations. A particular ‘Interview Scene’ in the movie will remain etched in viewers’ minds.A timeless classic.

“Moustache is the mirror of heart. Aatma, idhayam,manasu idha moonayum pradhibalikkura oru kannadi daan meesa manishanukku” Thillu Mullu Image Source-Hindustan Times

1) Netrikkan

Netrikkan has Rajni playing the role of both the protagonist and antagonist. He plays the roles of a businessman and womanizer father and a righteous son. He enacts the two entirely different characters with clear distinction . The euphemistic portrayal of the flirtatious father without indulging in vulgarity makes this character all the more challenging.
A must watch to see the superstar exhibit variety and depth in acting.

“Idhu bedroom, idhu vilakku. Idhu kattil, idhu padukka. Idhu thalagaani, idhu oothupathi.Neenga appa,naa payyan.”

Image Source-TMDB

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