What is Flixtub ?

Flixtub is a platform to discover, explore and analyze movies that you love (and hate). We aggregate reviews and discuss those facets of movies that you wouldn't find with a normal Google search.

The idea for Flixtub was born from of one of those typically wise discussions at a tea-stall, the mecca of word-of-mouth propagation. All we did in that phase of our lives was watch movies and discuss them, albeit at different tea-stalls. That's when it hit us that it would amazing if someone put a mic in every tea stall, so that the whole word could hear what people thought of movies and what went into these movies. Flixtub, was thus born as an Indian movie review-aggregation portal, where you can have your review with a couple of butter biscuits.

About Us

We are a bunch of graduates who're so severely into watching movies that our night shifts happen at Satyam and Udayam. We might be screaming in the first row at Kasi theater, or silently having butter popcorn at Escape. Rest assured, if your weekend is planned at a theater, you'll probably run into us.

Contact Us

If this idea sounds cool to you and you'd like to be a supportive bench in this mega tea stall/ contribute to our movie review aggregation project, please say hello to us - hi@flixtub.com

If you would like to be notified when we launch please leave your email address below. We promise not to spam!

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