17 Tamil Movies to watch while you are stoned.

Ever wondered which Tamil films you’d fancy watching while you are high on the ‘holy grass’ or after a couple of drinks? We have listed some genres and films for your ‘High’ness, ranging from ones that will tickle your funny bone to right about any bone. Some of the films in the list are philosophical, some spiritual and some utterly badass.

              Dedicated to the stoner Tamil film community.

This is a genre of movies which are anciently ancient in both the beliefs portrayed and the graphics used, but when you are on the ‘high’, the crappy CGI and the colours used in these films are sure to make you go crazy. There are a whole lot of films in this genre (Palayathu Amman,Thaalikaatha Kaaliamman,Amman,etc.) and the high is probably the ONLY thing which can make you sit through these movies. The religious connect of these films might bring existential questions within us.
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(Note – This can lead to a bad trip too)

16. Veerasamy

A master class by the meme-generating machine and the internet sensation of our generation T.Rajendar (TR), it is an action/emotional drama, which will leave you in splits. ROFL is guaranteed during the climax.

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Though a lot more of the non-sensically entertaining variety is there, we now get to more serious films.

15. New

This fantasy comedy by SJ Suryah would have never made it to the theatres now, considering the current state of film censorship in the state. The film is high on sexual references and comedies involving the same. It is one of the rarer (you may call it perverted) Tamil films, with quite a bit of oomph.
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14. Oram Po

This genuinely funny film about a section of Chennai auto rickshaw drivers who indulge in auto-racing is spontaneous and uber cool. The language is quite dirty and it's fun to watch while you are tipsy, because of the spontaneity.
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13. Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom

"Ennadu Sivaji Sethutaara?" This rollicking situational comedy is a worthy watch for the evening you choose get high .Vijay Sethupathi and his trio make this a laugh-every-minute film! Source- Youtube

12. Irandam Ullagam

This fantasy love story was trashed by critics and audience alike during its release .The visual imagery and theme of the film can be best experienced while you are high. It stresses on the fact that love is the one thing that transcends space and boundaries and keeps mankind alive. This trans-planetary romance is sure to give you an out of the world experience (duh). One psychedelic movie you must watch when you're high.
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11. Va Quarter Cutting

This film inspired by the 'Harold and Kumar' series, belongs to the Tamil 'mokka' genre, it is all about the efforts of the protagonist to get drunk on a dry day. This one is quite hilarious!
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10. Rajnikanth Genre

Thalaivar can charm anyone and all his films have a whole new level of connect with us while we are high. Baba and Muthu are the best of his films to watch stoned as they have a lot of philosophical and spiritual messages which will hit you smack on the face when you are in that state of enlightenment. All his punchlines have a deeper meaning and we realise why he is such a big star to us, for none can quite deliver the message the same way.
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9. Tamizh Padam

This full length spoof which rips apart every other Tamil film, was a mirror held up to Tamil Cinema and its ridiculous clichés in a cracker of a movie. Every aspect of this film - the songs, dance and fights is utterly funny and enjoyable, more so for a follower of Tamil cinema who can pick out all the cheeky references. This film can give you a high on its own.
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8. Jigarthanda

This Tamil gangster-musical (new genre, by itself) deserves multiple watches for the audio-visual pot-boiler that it is. Some brilliant acting and edge-of-the-seat thrilling moments make this flick all the more enjoyable. The inner meaning of the film and all the inside jokes are best understood when high.
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7. Soodhu Kavvum

This organic dark comedy has superimposed talented acting with great situations and comical dialogues. This is one Tamil movie which can give a high to your highness. It involves a lot of political satire which makes us think about the kind of society we live in and our way of life. And this film is sure to rip your lungs apart.
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6. Aaranya Kaandam

This raw and realistic gangster saga gives us the experience of watching angry men up close and takes us through the mind of these North Madras gangsters. The background score is sure to haunt us and you are sure to go 'wow '.You may end up watching this cult classic for hours together on end. Though a good print of the uncut version is still not available, this is one hell of a film to watch for the stoners.
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5. Pancha Thantiram

Any normal Tamil film buff would have watched this a couple of times. This situational comedy starring Kamal Hassan has some amazingly witty and well timed dialogues by Crazy Mohan is sure to make you end up holding your stomach in laughter. It is a breeze of a movie and a must watch on your high night.
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4. Naan Kadavul

This is a film hard to digest and behold. It is Bala’s most brutal and darkest film. This film about an Aghori deals with moksha, rebirth, life and death. It is sure to leave you haunted for days and requires a very open mind-set before you watch it while high, as it is the most disturbing of the lot.
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3. Alaipayuthe

This modern romantic classic by Mani Ratnam still holds a connect 15 years after its release with us. The song involving the lead pair about colours (‘Pachai nirame’) can be particularly very trippy. The film is perfect for a romantic evening involving some green.
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2. Ayirathil Oruvan

This fantasy adventure film transports us to a whole new world. Selvaraghavan is your director when you are high. This man has the greatest vision among contemporary film makers and all his films are treats to watch while you are stoned. Ayirathil Oruvan with its historical connects and rich Tamil literature references, warrants multiple watches.
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Kamal is a master of cinema. This physiological thriller is one of his most ambitious films, which even influenced Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. The film, like most films of Kamal was way ahead of its time. The animation sequences are guaranteed to trip the hell out of you. And undoubtedly it’s the best of the lot!
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If you’re high and end up watching the films listed here, you are sure to have an out of the world experience. And we do hope that a full length stoner movie is made soon here in Tamil cinema.

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